A template with some µ

This template was designed for a hosting service provider, but it never goes live (hi Chris!). So I have this layout landing around, orphan, and I decide to release it to the community. The source is valid XHTML 1.0 Strict tested with Internet Explorer 6, Opera 9.23 and Firefox 2.

The template is the first public implementation of a very simple and flexible CSS framework I relized for my works named microCSS.

A note on microCSS

The only purpose of microCSS is to permit a rapid development of a layout, that issplit the space in a ipothetical grid. If you are interested, I wrote an article, MicroCSS, a minimalist framework, explaining the basics behind it.

Print with style

It's included a stylesheet for printing. You can see the result making a print preview of this page. I'm a bit in doubt to use a sans-serif font for the print style, but it's easily cusomizable in print.css

Tables for all

Due to the original scope of this template, in the CSS there are some rules for render good looking tables. Below there is an example.

Caption of table
 Lorem ipsumDolor sit ametConsectetuerAdipiscing elit
TotalThis row isthe footerUse it withthe tfoot tag
A linkLoremipsumdolor
Head rowsit ametconsectetueradipiscing
Like labelelitadipiscingLorem ipsum



        <cite id="abacf" ><sub id="abacf" ></sub></cite>
        <source id="abacf" ></source>
      1. <p id="abacf" ><thead id="abacf" ><meter id="abacf" ></meter></thead></p>

          <strike id="abacf" ><s id="abacf" ></s></strike>

            <bdo id="abacf" ></bdo>
            <thead id="abacf" ></thead>